Thursday, September 29, 2005

FAGE Total 0% Greek Yogurt!

This stuff is almost too amazing. Unbelievably creamy, gently sour, a euphoric dream when mixed with fresh peaches, berries, or mangos. As you can tell from previous recipes, we aren't usually the ones to care much about such things, but it contains 0 g Fat, 10 g Protein, and 4 g Carbohydrates. Sometimes it's nice to feel this virtuous. Then you can go eat a chocolate bar too. But this yogurt goes above and beyond the call of duty. Last night it got us a ride home from the grocery store.

Whole Foods, 20 minute walk from home, two car-less sisters are trying to consolidate many many groceries into 4 bags.

60ish Well-dressed Woman: "Oh! How is that?" (pointing at 0% greek yogurt).

Bronwen: "It's amazing. It totally doesn't taste non-fat, it's like sour cream meets whipped cream.. blah blah, enthusiasm... "

60ish WDW: "Wow. I've only ever had the full fat kind with honey."

Bronwen: "Ah yes, that's good too."

Approximately 15 minutes later, check-out line of EastSide Marketplace, a grocery store about a block away that has more plebian food like canned corn which we needed to make the Hopkins County Stew recipe from this month's Saveur.

Husband of 60ish WDW: "Hmm... I see we're not the only ones who shop at two grocery stores."

Bronwen: "Nope. You probably have an easier time getting things home though. We walk."

H of 60ish WDW: "Ha. ha. We could give you a ride, for a small fee."

Bronwen: "Well, I gave your wife yogurt advice."

H of 60ish WDW looks confused and walks out of the store.

Bronwen and Sophie walk out of the store muttering under their breath things like "well, they really could have given us a ride." "yeah, I would have."

Then a car pulls up. And it is 60ish WDW and H. And they give us a ride all the way home.

Where we eat the yogurt of miracles.


Ruth said...

I'm sold. As soon as I leave work I'm rushing to Whole Foods to buy some.

Theresa Tate said...

Yes, they now have it at Trader Joe's - and their own version, which, unfortunately, is not as good. Hey - what about the cart I bought for you guys?? Aren't you using it?:(

jess said...

See, I believe that the fat belongs in the yogurt. They're sad when they're separated. But, it does sound good.

Bronwen said...

we use the cart sometimes, but the sidewalks here are so shitty, that it's only really worth it to try to negotiate the cracks and bumps when we're buying a bunch of heavy things like beverages.

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