Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beet Risotto II: The Revenge

Ok, so arancini aren't really a revenge. But maybe they could be. They're a good enough reason to always make too much risotto at any rate.

I just got back from spending Valentine's Day with my father and a bunch of priests out at St. Vladimir's Seminary. Just like the good old days.

But Caleb and I did manage to make hot pink food during the brief two hour span I was home between teaching and taking Metro-North to Crestwood, so that should count for something.

You must be ready for sticky hands. Mix a beaten egg into your leftover risotto. Take a spoonful and roll it into a ball between your palms. You can stuff some kind of meat or cheese or vegetable in the center if you wish, but they're also delicious plain.

Roll in flour to coat.

Dip in a mixture of beaten egg and a bit of milk.

Roll in breadcrumbs to thoroughly coat.

Pan-fry in olive oil (non-stick pan helps) till crispy.

And you get a delicious rice ball that is still red and mysterious as a dragon's egg as soon as you puncture its crispy surface.


Theresa Tate said...

God Bless the Italians!

ruth said...

Dragon's egg... All food should resemble something mythical.

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